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Friday, July 13, 2012

I am back in Juneau

I got back to Juneau on the ferry last night. I am camped at the Mendenhal Glacier, the town's main landmark. The campground is very pretty, and only $5.00 (which is right in my price range.)

It rained all night (again) and is very chilly and rainy this morning. I am in a McDonald's enjoying a big breakfast and using their free WiFi.

I catch the ferry to Prince Rupert later today. It is a long way to Prince Rupert (two nights on the ferry). Once there, I will be back in British Columbia and that will be the end of Alaska for me, at least for this trip.

I tried to get a stateroom on the ferry, but they are all booked up. I am told that many people put up their tents on the back deck of the boat and camp there, so I guess that is what I will do too. However, my tent is soaking wet, so I am going to go over to the grocery store across the road from this McDonald's and buy a couple of plastic sacks to put the tent in (It is fine for sleeping in, but I don't want it touching my sleeping bag or sleeping pad in my pack while on the ferry).

I guess I will also buy some food as well, but food on these ferries is quite cheap and very good (and nice and warm too).

I finished my description of Glacier Bay National Park. It is just below this posting.
My next post will probably be from Canada in three days.


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