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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good morning from Edirne, Turkey

It is early in the morning here, too early to go down and eat breakfast, but I am wide awake so I thought I would update this blog.

This town is beautiful. It was once a capital city and is still a thriving community. It is not all that famous though, so it does not see many western tourists. I think I am kind of a rarity here: a motorcycle rider from America.

The main attraction is the largest of the several mosques. It is quite famous, and its architect considered it his crowning achievement. It rivals the more famous mosques in Istanbul.

And at night, all lit up, it is spectacular.

It is also impressive inside.

I guess people, like this all female tour group, come from all over to see it.

Just below the mosque is another of the city's several bazaars. This one sells cheap souvenirs.

 I thought about buying something for my wife and daughters. Maybe a place mat for the table.

Or how about a case to keep things in.

Nah -- I have learned that they don't want or need more junk to set around and collect dust. But what about a small hookah? Now that would be a practical gift. They don't any of them smoke, but it would be a good conversation piece.

I guess not. Sorry girls. But there are other choices in some of the other bazaars. This shop specializes in yarns.

I guess I could wander around all day taking pictures of the ribbon shop, the tablecloth shop, the soap shop where they have hundreds of fruit shaped soaps to set around the house and make it smell good.

Don't have time for more shops though. Gotta get started on today's travels. I have a long way to go. I an going to ride down the European side of Turkey to its end, then take a ferry across the strait into the Asian side. Lots of adventures ahead. Time to go.

More later,

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