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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hi again -- It is time to start my motorcycle blog again -- time to start the summer riding. My wife Patrice and I flew over to the Netherlands this week in order to visit with our daughter, Jessica, and our son-in-law Renaud.

Here is a picture of my wife and daughter. Can you tell which of the two is older?

We rented a car and drove out to visit the flower fields around Amsterdam. My wife, who loves to garden, thinks that being a flower-farmer would be a cool thing to do for a living.
The fields are full of flowers, but I think they grow them for the bulbs, which they ship all over the world, instead of for the flowers themselves.
They also graze a lot of milk cows in the fields all through the Netherlands. They use the milk to make cheese. Just look at all the wheels of cheese at the cheese market. Ummm. Those contented cows sure turn out some good cheese milk.

We love the markets here, and also all the family owned stores. I think they should be glad that WalMart is not here to drive the store owners out of business.

Netherlands is the land of bicycles. There are more bicycles than cars, and all the cities and all the country roads have as many bicycle lanes as roads.  I would ride a bike everywhere too if I lived here. Where I live is not set up for bicycles at all.
Jessica and Patrice have gone out to do some more shopping. Renaud has not gotten home yet. I am feeling sleepy. Yawn. I am going to fight it though. If I go to sleep now I won't sleep tonight. I have a book on Einstein and on the Theory of Relativity. I guess I will read it for a while. That will keep me awake. Chuckle.
Tomorrow, Patrice and I leave Jessica's and Renaud's apartment early to catch the 5 a.m. train to the Amsterdam airport. Patrice will be flying back home to Illinois, and I will be flying to Germany to get my motorcycle and start my summer's ride. I plan to go to the Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, Etc. 
I will start my motorcycle blog again in two or three days.
Bye for now,


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