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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back home in Illinois


I left Heidelberg about a week ago, headed to the Frankfurt Airport in the shuttle van. Just before the airport we got into a huge traffic jam because of a wreck ahead. By the time they got it cleared and the van got to the airport, I had just barely enough time to catch my flight home.

I think the other people in the van probably missed their flights.

It worked out well for me though because there was only a couple of seats left, and because I was the last on the airplane the ticket agent upgraded me to first class. Wow, that was an experience: champagne as soon as I sat down, all the alcohol I could drink (unfortunately, I didn't want any, it being kind of early in the morning), seats that reclined into sleepers, a selection of menus served on real china. I could get used to that pretty quickly.

I got home to my own local airport very late, but it was sure good to be back.  Now, I am doing some things around the house and waiting for my October trip to Australia where my daughter, Jessica, and I will be riding a BMW motorcycle that belongs to my friend Dave who lives in Brisbane.

That will be my next blog. So, if you can, check back sometime toward the last of October.  Meanwhile, it turns out that I have a broken bone in my foot caused by my accident a month ago when I dropped my bike on it. I go to a specialist tomorrow to find out what needs to be done about that. Then, early in September, I am going to Wyoming to see my grand-kids and to help my son in a building project at the church where he pastors.

Life is good!!


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  1. great read on your recent trip to many miles on the bike now? Hope the foot is mending up....look forward to your next entries from the land down under. Keith (DL 650 2010- aka Snow Flake)- Penticton BC Canada


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