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Thursday, April 7, 2016

In the far south of Spain

The weather has turned off nice-- it is a balmy 26 degrees (about 70 degrees to all my North American friends. I have been exploring Roman ruins here. There are certainly a lot of them to see. Those Romans were quite the active fellows.

This is the theater in a village began by Emperor Caesar Augustus at about the same year Jesus was born. They staged Greek plays here, even though the citizens did not understand Greek. Still, the play was free so I guess everyone had a good time. There are some Spanish high school age kids down there on the stage practicing for a modern song and dance skit. Can you see them?

Here the kids are again. I took their picture while walking around exploring the ruins.

Today the name of the town is Merida, but it had a different name in Roman times
. In Jesus's day it was called Emerita Augusta. Here is the ancient Roman Colosseum that Augustus built there. I bet they had some pretty serious gladiator fights in it.

There is a nice museum in Merida to show things they have found there. 

And here is old Augusta himself. Good looking guy isn't he? Actually, I am not totally sure this is Augusta, but he is impressive whoever he is.

They were quite the builders, those Romans. Here is a bridge they built across the river there at Merida.

Now I am headed south toward Morocco. Along the road I saw a lot of signs like this one. What do you suppose it is?

Unfortunately none showed up so that I could take a picture, so I had to get a picture off the internet. It is an Iberian Lynx.


I am about an hour away from Algerians where Odysseus and I will catch a ferry to Morocco. We will do that tomorrow. Tonight, though, we are in a marvelous southern Spain town. I am staying in a very nice, yet quite inexpensive hotel. Poor Odysseus  has to stay out in the street.

Here is my room for the night. Believe me, it is much nicer than it looks in this picture.

I spent a long time this evening helping the men down in the bar watch a bull fight on the television. I think I was the only one in the room rooting for the bull. I just do not get the point of this "sport".

And so, my next post should be from Morocco. I am really looking forward to being there. Until then, goodnight from both Odysseus and me.

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