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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Valencia, Spain

I rode Odysseus up the east side of Spain, riding through the mountains and along the Mediterranean Sea.

There are mile after mile of plastic greenhouses along this area. They stretch way up into the mountains.

They looked like snow when I first saw them. I found it hard to stop at a place where I could take of picture that showed how many acres they actually covered.

They went on, mile after mile. This is the vegetable growing area of Spain: cucumbers, lettuce, asparagus, all kinds of things for the table. Once I got away from the coast and turned into the mountains the acres of greenhouses gave way to acres of olive trees. With every meal here you get a bowl of olives to kind of start you off.

The mountainous interior of Spain is chopped up into canyons and chasms. Towns need many bridges to connect themselves across these steep walled gullies.I stayed at a hotel and could look out the window of my room to see one such bridge. By the time the sun came up the next morning it was foggy and there was a misty rain.

There are craggy ridges just beyond the bridge, but the weather was socked in enough that it was not possible to see them. I stayed two days, walking around and going over the bridges, waiting for the weather to clear up. I hate to ride in the rain.

Once the weather did clear up, I headed up along the coast to Valencia. I kind of had it in mind that I would like to camp, but once I got thee and looked at the caravans in the campground I decided I did not want to be the only tent in camper city. I went on into Valencia and got myself a room. Valencia is a very modern city, and there were lots of hotels to choose from.

As I was coming into the city I passed their rather new "Science City" museums.

As soon as I checked into my hotel and had Odysseus safely parked, I walked down to the science museum.

There is a unique Opera House there also. I am not too sure why it is not famous like the one in Sydney, Australia. Could it be because Valencia is not as well known as Sydney? I don't know.

I tried taking a "selfie" of myself with the futuristic building behind me. It didn't work out all that well.

I walked around for a while, and went into a park where kids where doing half-pipe moves on skateboards and bicycles, and where people were playing with dogs and having birthday parties. By that time, it was time to eat. I located a nice restaurant where I had a huge Greek salad. I love the cheese they put into those things.

Finally it was dark and the lights came on. I think the Opera House looks like a space ship.

The reflections of the Opera House in the water reminded me of the Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek movies.

I am liking Valencia so well that I think I will stay here several days and do some serious exploring. I will tell you what I find later.


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  1. I´m happy to wellcoming you in my apartment, Ron. Your trip is very inspirational for me. Thanks.


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